Haunted by Waters

"...when the occasional gem comes along, it's reason to rejoice...the instrumental sound is impressive...intelligent, humane, artistic songwriting is the key to Haunted By Waters."
— BAM Magazine

Haunted By Waters is a group of bay area musicians and artists who have created an exciting and powerful blend of music which is truly -cross cultural. Fusing together sensual Middle Eastern melodies, Celtic vocals, driving rhythms, & soaring synth sounds, "Like the Dust" is a unique album which celebrates spirit, unity and diversity.

The music of Haunted By Waters is built on a primal and infectious rhythmic background of Middle Eastern, African, and Celtic rhythms and percussion. Weaving in lush vocals, rich melodies and harmonies, and sensuous electronic textures, they create a progressive, entrancing world sound. Add fretless electric bass, textural and distorted electric guitars, acoustic guitar, synth and sampled sounds, as well as didgeridoo, tin whistle, conch shell, electric violin, and flute and you have a powerful, evocative sound. At once ancient and futuristic, Haunted By Waters seamlessly combine a galaxy of diverse influences and instrumentation into a cohesive and moving soundscape.

Cait McWhir — lead vocals, tin whistle, percussion
David Hannibal — electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, didgeridoo, programming
Gerry Bassermann — keyboards, 6 & 12 string guitars, vocals
Tina "Bean" Blaine — drums, percussion, vocals
Greg Stone — Bass
Rhan Wilson — drums, percussion
Cat Taylor — electric violin
Stephen Schultz — baroque flute and processed baroque flute